Based in the centre of Wakefield, iclaritate is your strategic IT partner, helping you take control of your Technology. We will assist you create an IT strategy and technology roadmap for the next three to five years, giving confidence to customers, suppliers and employees.

Do your technology projects overrun and come in over budget?

Here at iclaritate, we believe that it is only by taking a strategic approach towards technology that you can truly harness the full benefits to drive your business forward. Properly defining the project scope will ensure that they come in on time and within budget.

Are you wasting time duplicating data?

At iclaritate we focus on the Information part of IT (Information Technology) and how it integrates with the rest of your business systems. Data should only be entered once, then updated in all the appropriate applications.

Do you want a fluid and pro-active Technology partner?

Rather than being prescriptive, we work as part of your organisation to understand what your ambitions and frustrations are, and design a strategy that will deliver.

As part of your senior management team:

iclaritate audit

We will thoroughly analyse your hardware, software and security to produce a conclusive report on the current position of technology within your business.

iclaritate research

This will help us identify your main headaches and pains within your business, along with your ambitions for growth.

iclaritate solutions

Using the data gathered from the audit and the research phases of the process we can produce a roadmap of projects to help you remove the headaches and pains, whilst enabling you to achieve the required growth of your business.

iclaritate implementation

We will work alongside your management team to implement the agreed solutions that will solve your headaches, pains and allow your business to grow to its full potential.

For further information on how we can help you and your business, please contact us on the details below:

Tel. 01924 253 205 ext. 303
Twitter. @iclaritate